Ana Bikhayr

Ana Bikhayr

Basha habitually creates paper boats, these paper boats are, however, after put on the water, she makes them sink, like her self-esteem and self-worth. She is constantly picked on by her schoolmates, water is splashed on her, insulting looks are thrown to her and fingers are mockingly pointed towards her. But that doesn’t stop there, she also receives physical and verbal bullying from her classmates. All because of one mediocre reason, she is a Muslim. Even though Basha has done nothing wrong to them, they just won’t leave her alone, in person and in her thoughts.
Despite of this, fortune still shines on her and she is given a chance to prove herself…

Cast & Crew
  • DirectorHannah Ragudos
  • Writer & ScreenwriterJulliene Regemne Rimando
  • CastLailah Ragudos
  • ProducerRaquel Rarang-Rivera
  • Runtime
    0 hour 12 minute

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