Friend’s Love

Friend’s Love

Story tell the Love and affection of living beings that our existence in the earth with each other help. Every thing in this earth is linked together for life. Once upon a time in a forest a parrot came to eat mango in a tree and they became friends and the parrot start to live in the tree hole. The parrot daily give water to the tree and same way the tree take care of it by gave it's mango to eat and shelter to rest. One day the birds association sent a letter of invitation for a tour in paddy fields. The letter was received by the tree and it was sad but hide his feelings for his friend because he had to leave his friend for one month. So the parrot with lots of joy ready to go for the tour after after farewell to the tree friend by kissing him for one month

After one month tour the parrot return to his home mango tree found that his friend mango tree was started to fade due to hot sun and without water. Soon he started to bring water from the pond and watering the mango tree. Their extreme true love again give happiness and they started to live together. After a year parrot have a kid and mango tree has also kid . The parrot kid start to water the little mango tree without any advice from his parent just by seeing their activities.

Cast & Crew
  • DirectorMiss. Diya M
  • Writer & ScreenwriterMiss. Diya M
  • ProducerMiss. Diya M
  • Runtime
    0 hour 3 minute

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