Jackets For Butterflies

Jackets For Butterflies

Milwaukee is an artist who makes tiny clothes for his butterflies. When he's offered a chance to exhibit his work, he spends all night cutting, sewing, and finishing various dresses and coats.

Cast & Crew
  • DirectorHank Shin
  • Writer & ScreenwriterHank Shin
  • CastZhan Wang
  • CastJasmine Shea
  • ProducerEvan Ward
  • Film EditorNick Brown
  • CastingMadison Landis
  • Costume DesignerLindsay Austria
  • Production ManagementAlex Wong
  • Production ManagementSophie Swenholt
  • Sound DepartmentAndrew Pickup
  • Sound DepartmentMichael Spaziani
  • Music DepartmentJames Gibian
  • Music DepartmentOlly Swyers
  • Runtime
    0 hour 16 minute

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