The Narrator

The Narrator

Phil is afraid of silence. As a result, talking out loud and self-narration has become a way of life for Phil, though not everyone appreciates hearing the inner most thoughts of a random psychiatric patient. What could possibly remedy Phil’s fear of silence?

Cast & Crew
  • DirectorDarren Harmon
  • Writer & ScreenwriterShaun Crawford
  • CastTroy Greenwood
  • CastJules Hobson
  • CastTrevor Campbell
  • CastHala Nasr
  • CastDrew McGrath
  • MusicianJerome De Gourville
  • Sound DepartmentJerome De Gourville
  • Sound DepartmentAshley Peters
  • Runtime
    0 hour 10 minute
  • Aspect Ratio
    • 16:9

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