The Traveler

The Traveler

The Traveler follows the story of two abandoned colonists, Odin Scott and John Creed, reluctantly thrust into a dangerous quest for an elusive Atlas hidden on the deserted wasteland of a distant planet. This short science fiction film features a cinematic style with strong visual silhouettes, other-worldly landscapes, and the charm of unique props and miniature models fabricated by hand. In addition to writer/director Isaac Pflasterer (18), our core creative team is made up of longtime collaborators including director of photography Carter Rutledge (17), editor Ridley Pflasterer (12), costume design and storyboard artist Ava Pflasterer (13), as well as an extended cast and crew of friends and family including Addyson Pflasterer (15) and Andrew Rutledge (15), along with local theater teacher Jeremy Young, and composer Rob Griffith.

Cast & Crew
  • DirectorIsaac Pflasterer
  • Writer & ScreenwriterIsaac Pflasterer
  • CastIsaac Pflasterer
  • CastRidley Pflasterer
  • CastAndrew Rutledge
  • CastAddyson Pflasterer
  • CastJeremy Young
  • CastRyan Pflasterer
  • MusicianRob Griffith
  • CinematographerCarter Rutledge
  • Film EditorRidley Pflasterer
  • Costume DesignerAva Pflasterer
  • Runtime
    0 hour 16 minute
  • Aspect Ratio
    • 2.35:1

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